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Frequently Asked


Trinity Pathways Welcomes You!

Our "Pathways" team is passionate about helping you find pathways to getting more connected within our loving community. Please feel free to email us with any questions or interests you may have! Our goal is that you will find your time with Trinity welcoming, hospitable, and inspiring!

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Justin Musombi

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Wayne "Skip" Unger

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Donna Klinger


When should I arrive?

You're welcome to arrive anytime, however, for a great experience we recommend arriving AT 8:45 am. Ushers will help you with any questions once your here!


Where can I park?

We have two parking lots. The Education wing offers general parking and includes a stairway entry. Our disability parking is located outside the main auditorium and is a one-landing entrance.


Is There A Dress Code?

Although our space & program are more traditional, our community is relaxed and informal. There is no formal dress code. People normally wear anything from formal to relaxed casual clothing. 


Children Programming?

Due to social distancing children, youth, and adults all attend our program together. Children and infants bring a special energy to our programs and that is welcome! Remote changing rooms and play spaces are available if needed. 


How do I find volunteer?

The Share Your Gifts Directory that shares all the possibilities available at Trinity where you can volunteer to give back to our Trinity

community while becoming an integral part of our family. Your life will be so

enriched in return!

So please check the Directory on our website by clicking on the designated

“More” tab and then “Get Involved”. Or if you prefer a handheld copy, they

are located on the table outside the church office.

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