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Our Faith

COVER-TO-COVER study of the Bible

Adult Bible Study Class

Using the Genesis to Revelation Series from Abington Press, the Adult Bible Study Class will resume our multi-year, sequential, verse-by-verse journey through the Bible in September 2022. 

      We will continue to ‘meet’ through e-mail. Each member studies independently; the class leader e-mails insights gained from the Series’ Leader Guide and other sources and encourages members to share their insights.  We’ve found this method to be more inclusive for people unable to physically attend Trinity (e. g. due to health or distance) and allows time to think more deeply and unhurriedly about the various questions and topics in the lesson than with a face-to-face discussion group.


      We currently are studying Jeremiah. If you would like to be a part of this group contact Lucille Shearer at

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