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Building Community

New Era of Evangelism & Outreach

Trinity is preparing to embark on a new method of outreach to our local community and beyond. We are exploring the ministry of creating sacred virtual spaces. This ministry will include exploring ways of building community by hosting online chat rooms and streaming video content. The goal of this ministry is to build solid relationships with people who are interested in viewing our content. We hope to invite these individuals to become Friends of Trinity remotely. Opportunities to participate in the life of our congregation will be extended virtually.

With the Infinite Circle of Friends streaming platform, we will experiment with producing inspirational content ranging from 10 min. worship services, micro-documentaries, vlog-style shows, theological discussions, and musical presentations. As discussed in our after worship meeting, much of this content will be focused on Gen Zers and Millennials, there will be, however, content for all ages.  

I ask for your prayerful support of our church as we tackle new relevant ways of being the church. We are embracing the ever-evolving journey of holy innovation and care for God's people. May our effort be blessed to reach many people. 

-With much love, 

 Pastor Donté Jones

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