Growing in Christ

Brynn and Frank

I can’t say that my spiritual journey came with a sudden revelation or with a moment during a church service when I suddenly realized that through the belief of Jesus as Christ and Savior my life would be changed forever. My spiritual journey grew over the course of my entire life. My Dad came from a family that put church as a high priority, and my mom grew up in an orphanage where she attended chapel every day. I was baptized as an infant in my Dad's home church, which was Gravel Hill UMC. I attended Sunday School there and was in the Children’s Choir. I have many fond memories of attending Gravel Hill. My dad worked a lot of Sunday’s when I was a child, and he couldn’t attend church with my mom and I on a regular basis. Perhaps because of this, he grew away from his church and when I was in high school he and my mom started attending Trinity. (UCC was my mom's church denomination at the orphanage). She was so happy to be back in her “home” church, and my dad felt at home here at Trinity also! My family got involved at Trinity, and I continued to get closer to God through the activities, services and ways I volunteered here at the church. As you can see my faith story is an evolving one! I got married, had a family and always knew I wanted to raise my family with the church being an important part of our lives. So although my story began 56 years ago, I still feel that every day in some way my faith is still growing thanks to my church family at Trinity UCC!

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