There are many ways to give to God's church. Giving tithes and offerings allows us to continue to minister to our members and our community in many ways, but there are different ways to give. Some give with their musical talents, or maybe their talents teaching our youth. Remember, God loves us all the same no matter how or what we give.


Often the easiest way to give is via the offering plate during Sunday services. However, we are now offering online giving via our church's secure account for those who may prefer this security and convenience. Thank you kindly for your generous gifts!


We are always eager to welcome new members who are looking for ways to get involved in the church. From choir and bell choir to Sunday school, ushering or technical support for worship services, we are grateful for any talent you may lend to our community. In addition to these ongoing roles, tune in on Sundays to learn of how you might help support one of our special events or programs. We thank you very much for the time or talent you are able to donate to make our church better!